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he United Arab Emirates has seen an industrial revolution and an economic transition within the past three decades. Tracing back its roots from a tiny trading town, the Emirate of Dubai has come a long way and has grown to be the most prosperous Emirates in the nation.


Dubai Mainland is the UAE’s most advantageous place to launch a business. Operating a business in Mainland Dubai enables you to conduct operations locally and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, you can establish a Mainland Company in Dubai to conduct business worldwide.


The Dubai Mainland is under the jurisdiction and control of the Department of Economic Development (DED). For decades, this region has been a center of trade-related activities for international business owners. The advantages of setting up a mainland business in Dubai contribute to the city’s adaptable and welcoming organizational climate. We are sure you are considering the benefits of launching a company in this region.


If you are eager to know more about the benefits of establishing a business in Dubai Mainland, then read on. Here, we will list the main advantages of starting a business in this economic zone. We will also give a general insight and overview of Dubai’s Mainland.

What does Dubai's Mainland mean?

The Mainland of Dubai, sometimes known as the “Onshore area” is situated outside of the free zone and is connected to the area in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development (DED) oversees Mainland Company Formation in Dubai. As a result, the DED oversees the issuing of all three types of Mainland trade permits.

What does a mainland Dubai license include?

The Dubai Mainland license is also known as the Onshore license, just like Dubai Mainland. You are free to conduct business both domestically and globally with the license. Any mainland company operating in Dubai or any other Emirates is required by UAE company legislation to designate a local service agent, such as Business Consultants.


The local service agent is not a shareholder in the company. In all regulatory engagements with government agencies, they represent the corporation. For a specific yearly price, company owners can get into a contractual agreement with the local service agent who will help them establish a business in Mainland Dubai.

Dubai Mainland Business License Types

The Mainland provides three different kinds of business permits. The information regarding Mainland Business Licenses is as follows:


  •  Commercial license:Companies associated with trading operations are granted this license.
  •  Professional license: Businesses that provide services, such as consulting, accounting, and law firms, are eligible for this kind of license.
  •  Industrial licenses:Companies operating in the industrial sectors have the eligibility to apply for this license. Companies that engage in processing or manufacturing operations must apply for this license.
  •  Selecting an appropriate business license is essential before launching a company on Dubai’s mainland. With these documents, you will be able to carry out company operations on Dubai’s mainland.

Advantages of Starting a Mainland Company

One of the best places to launch a business is in mainland Dubai. Due to its advantages, foreigners wishing to launch a business in the area choose this location.


Let us examine the main advantages of setting up a mainland business in Dubai:

1.Simple process for forming a company

The constantly evolving technological landscape, innovations, and cooperative services available in Dubai’s Mainland are utilized by numerous overseas individuals and businesses. In terms of the ease of doing business, the United Arab Emirates receives an 80.9 out of 100 score. It suggests the nation’s corporate regulations are more advanced and straightforward.


For these reasons, establishing a mainland business in Dubai is a simple process requiring very little documentation. Furthermore, there is no minimal funding needed to launch a business in this sector. This implies that you can launch a business in Dubai Mainland on a modest expenditure.

2. Trade autonomy in Dubai and the UAE

You can also have the freedom to trade within Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with a mainland business establishment in Dubai. Who and where can trade in Dubai is not restricted by the Mainland Business.


By establishing a company on Dubai Mainland, businesses can plan and launch any transaction without worrying about violating any laws in Dubai or the entire UAE jurisdiction.

3. More choices

Establishing a firm in Mainland Dubai also offers you the advantage of increased business activities. Yes, you were correct to guess it! Compared to the Dubai Free Zone, businesses based in the Mainland will have more alternatives for business ventures.


Businesses or enterprises operating in Dubai Media City are required to be involved in the media or closely connected industries. For enterprises based in the Dubai mainland, there is no restriction. You are free to engage in as many commercial operations as you like. Moreover, these businesses have room to grow and diversify by opening out to the larger UAE market.

4. No Visa Limitation

If your company operates on Dubai’s mainland, there is no cap on the number of visas you can obtain. However, the size of the office spaces you require is the only factor determining your eligibility for visas. It shows that increased office space equates to increased visas.


Furthermore, Dubai has instituted Golden Visas to enable international nationals to reside, work, and pursue education within the United Arab Emirates. This visa expands the skill pool in the nation and gives jobs more flexibility. Additionally, entrepreneurs in the UAE for up to ten years are permitted to stay with a golden visa.

5. Absolute Ownership

Not to mention, one of the significant advantages of setting up a company in the Dubai Mainland is total ownership. Establishing a company on Dubai’s mainland offers the distinct advantage of total ownership control.


Historically, only select professional services firms or free zones could offer this degree of ownership. Within the Dubai Mainland, entrepreneurs can now have total control over their corporate organizations. This degree of ownership improves strategic planning and the independence of decision-making.

How can a Business Consultant help you with Company Formation in Dubai?

As you have read in this post, business owners can gain a lot from mainland Dubai. It suggests that launching of a business firm on Dubai’s mainland might yield countless advantages. With their strategic understanding, professional acumen, and local expertise, a business consultant will be the right person to guide you. Business consultants can assist you in launching your enterprise without any hassle.  


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