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Cost for starting a business in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, stands as a beacon of opportunity in the global business landscape, attracting entrepreneurs from around the world. The city’s dynamic environment, fueled by its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and business-friendly regulations, makes it an ideal destination for startups and established businesses alike. However, before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey in Dubai, it’s crucial to understand the Cost for starting a business in dubai. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various costs for starting a business in Dubai across different structures, namely Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore.

Mainland Business Setup / LLC Company Formation Costs:

Establishing a mainland business or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai involves several costs, each crucial for ensuring compliance and operational readiness, including the significant consideration of the Cost for starting a business in Dubai, which encompasses various licensing fees, office rental expenses, and administrative charges

  • Dubai Commercial License Costs: These vary depending on the nature of the business activities. Dubai offers licenses for various business types, including commercial, industrial, and professional, each with its associated fees.
  • Dubai Professional License Costs: For businesses offering professional services, such as legal or consultancy firms, obtaining a professional license incurs specific costs separate from commercial licenses.
  • DED Initial Approval Process: Before proceeding with the company formation process, entrepreneurs must obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This step involves submitting applications and paying associated fees.
  • Trade Name Approval: Selecting and securing a trade name for the business incurs additional costs. Entrepreneurs must ensure that the chosen name complies with Dubai’s naming conventions and is available for registration.
  • Renting Office Space: Establishing a physical presence is a prerequisite for mainland businesses. The cost of renting office space varies depending on factors such as location, size, and amenities. It’s essential to consider this expense carefully while budgeting for startup costs.
  • Attestation of Memorandum of Association (MoA): Drafting and attesting the MoA is a critical step in the company formation process. This legal document outlines the company’s structure, objectives, and shareholders’ details. Attesting the MoA involves legal fees and administrative expenses.
  • LLC Contract Drafting: Alongside the MoA, drafting the LLC contract in both Arabic and English is necessary for legal compliance. This incurs additional expenses but ensures clarity and transparency in the company’s operations and governance.

Free Zone Company Formation Cost:

Company formation in Dubai Free zone offers various benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified setup procedures. However, entrepreneurs must consider the following costs: the initial capital investment and ongoing operational expenses, which collectively contribute to the overall cost for starting a business in Dubai.

  • International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) License Costs: The cost of obtaining a business license in a free zone varies depending on the selected zone and the nature of business activities. Each free zone has its fee structure and licensing requirements.
  • Services Included in Setup Costs: Many free zones offer bundled packages that include services such as visa processing, company registration, and administrative support. These packages may vary in price and scope, so entrepreneurs should carefully review and compare available options.
  • Rental Options: Free zones provide flexible office space solutions, including serviced offices, co-working spaces, and virtual offices. Entrepreneurs can choose rental options that align with their budget and operational needs, with costs varying based on location and facilities.
  • Share Capital Requirements: While some free zones have minimal share capital requirements, others may impose specific capital thresholds for company formation. Entrepreneurs should consider these requirements when budgeting for startup costs.
  • Free Zone Visa Fees: Obtaining residency visas for shareholders, employees, and dependents involves associated fees. The number of visas required and the visa processing fees may vary depending on the free zone’s regulations and the applicant’s nationality.
  • Bank Guarantee Requirements: Some free zones may require entrepreneurs to furnish bank guarantees as part of the company formation process. These guarantees serve as a financial security measure for the free zone authorities and may involve additional costs.
  • Registered Agent Fee: Engaging a registered agent is mandatory for free zone companies. This fee covers administrative services, compliance support, and liaison with the free zone authorities. Entrepreneurs should factor this recurring expense into their budgeting calculations.
  • Additional Expenses Depending on Free Zone Choice: Depending on the selected free zone, entrepreneurs may encounter additional expenses such as mandatory office space requirements, license renewal fees, and document attestation charges. Thorough research and due diligence are essential to understand the full cost implications of operating in a particular free zone.

Offshore Company Formation Costs:

Establishing an offshore company in Dubai provides entrepreneurs with strategic advantages such as tax optimization, asset protection, and enhanced privacy. However, offshore company formation entails specific costs and requirements, including the initial consideration of the cost for starting a business in Dubai, which varies depending on the chosen jurisdiction and service provider.


  • Offshore Company Formation Fee: The cost of setting up an offshore company varies depending on the chosen jurisdiction and service provider. This fee typically includes company registration, documentation, and legal compliance services.
  • Standard Share Capital Requirements: Some offshore jurisdictions mandate minimum share capital requirements for company formation. Entrepreneurs should verify these requirements and allocate funds accordingly.
  • Nominee Services: Engaging nominee services, such as nominee directors or shareholders, may incur additional fees. Nominee services offer anonymity and privacy protection for company owners but involve ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance/Renewal Fee: Offshore companies are subject to annual maintenance or renewal fees to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These fees cover administrative expenses, government levies, and registered agent services.
  • Charges for Opening a Bank Account: Offshore companies often require offshore bank accounts for international transactions and asset management. Bank account opening charges may vary depending on the selected bank and jurisdiction.
  • Agent Fee for Offshore Business Arrangements: Entrepreneurs may engage offshore business agents or consultants to facilitate the company formation process. These agents charge professional fees for their services, which should be factored into the overall setup costs.
  • Offshore Business Maintenance Fee: In addition to the initial setup costs, offshore companies must budget for ongoing maintenance fees. These fees cover regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and administrative support services.

Important Considerations:

  • Prices are Indicative and Subject to Change: It’s essential to note that the costs outlined above are indicative and may vary based on factors such as market conditions, regulatory changes, and individual business requirements. Entrepreneurs should conduct thorough research and seek professional advice to obtain accurate cost estimates.
  • Consulting Expert Business Consultants: Given the complexities of company formation and the regulatory landscape in Dubai, entrepreneurs are advised to consult expert business consultants for guidance and support. Experienced consultants can provide valuable insights, navigate legal requirements, and streamline the setup process, ultimately saving time and resources.
  • Understanding Costs Specific to Your Business Type: Every business is unique, and the cost of setting up a company in Dubai may vary depending on factors such as business activities, ownership structure, and expansion plans. Entrepreneurs should assess their specific needs and tailor their budgeting accordingly to avoid unexpected expenses and financial setbacks.


In conclusion, starting a business in Dubai, UAE, offers immense potential for entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities and global expansion. However, navigating the cost landscape of company formation requires careful planning, research, and expert guidance. By understanding the intricacies of setup costs across Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore structures, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and set the foundation for long-term success. As Dubai continues to position itself as a leading business hub in the region, entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize the opportunities it presents and embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and clarity. For expert guidance on starting a business in Dubai, UAE, entrepreneurs can rely on reputable business setup consultant to navigate the complexities of company formation and realize their business aspirations. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, leverage Dubai’s vibrant ecosystem, and embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and prosperity.

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