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Female entrepreneurs to drive economic activity in UAE

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Female entrepreneurs to drive economic activity in UAE
Women entrepreneurs gain momentum and contribute to the GDP of the country. In the recent days, women investors are showing great interest in setting up their business and flourishing it all over UAE. As per the reports, 4.75 percent of the SMEs are owned by women and they contribute to the 20% of the workforce. Moreover, women support the country’s economy providing 20% to the GDP annually and it’s expected to increase in the coming years.
According to the latest reports from Linkedin, female entrepreneurs have surged 68 percent post pandemic.
Post pandemic, more women both foreigners and locals are establishing their business in Dubai. The UAE government provides a perfect landscape for women to launch their business with necessary support and incentives.
Women-led businesses are more healthy providing financial independence, investment in families and help communities become healthier than ever. The GCC government has put a lot of effort to improve the climate of female investors and entrepreneurs. Women focused measures are active and incorporated into Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain’s long-term development goals. These regions are building a strong eco-system for female entrepreneurs.
Women empowerment is a drastic change by increasing the economic activity. Moreover, female investors have a higher percentage in tech-based businesses.
Women in GCC are coming up with innovative ideas overcoming the barriers in launching their own business or entering their favorite workforce. The recent economic reforms add value to women investors and they should take advantage of this progressive environment.

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