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Perfect time to launch your business in the UAE – Know why?

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Perfect time to launch your business in the UAE – Know why

It’s the perfect time to launch your business in Dubai. It may sound cliché and often repeated but considering the economic development in the last two years, the statement looks more relevant and ultimately, it’s the perfect time to come up with new ideas. Most foreign investors are shifting their base towards Dubai to enjoy the benefits of progressive economic reforms assured by the government including complete foreign ownership, long-term visa, and more. The new economic reforms have a positive impact on the business setup bringing more foreign direct investment to Dubai and all over UAE.

Golden visa providing long-term residency

Foreign investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs have plenty of options to make Dubai as their second home. Golden visa is the best shot providing 10 year renewable residency in UAE. The visa opens eligibility to investors, specialists, scientists, outstanding graduates, students, and entrepreneurs. Golden visa doesn’t require a sponsor and the visa holders can sponsor their families as well. Seek advice from the best business setup consultant and get your golden visa now.

Green Visa – five year residency

Green visa allow visa holders to sponsor themselves for five years. It’s a game changer in UAE eliminating the need for a visa sponsor. The green visa holders get residence permit for their spouse, children, or even first-degree relatives. Additionally, partners, freelancers, or any skilled employees can apply for the UAE green Visa. You can do it with the help of a business setup consultant in Dubai.

Entry permit for business

The government has introduced a business entry permit that avoids the need of a sponsor or host. With this visa, investors or entrepreneurs can explore the business opportunities available in the city.

Full ownership on mainland companies

Starting a business in UAE mainland had a disadvantage. Partnering with the UAE nationals was a mandatory requirement for business setup in the mainland. The UAE national sponsor was entitled 51 percent of the shares in the company. But, recently the local sponsorship was changed by the government providing 100% ownership in the mainland companies.

Business consultant expert in company formation

When it comes to starting a company in Dubai, it’s the right time for foreign investors since the government has implemented wide range of economic reforms. Without the assistance of a business setup consultant, you will be left halfway. Our experts lead investors in the right direction with sound advice. Being a reputed business setup firm with years of expertise, we provide all the company formation services under one roof.

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