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Which company formation suits your business in UAE?

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Which company formation suits your business in UAE
Dubai continues to attract more investors around the world. The UAE government provides a lot of business facilities and amazing infrastructure to setup your company. In the recent days, UAE has turned out to a favorite location for investors, employees, and residents. The favorable business setup laws widen the opportunity for every investor.
Entrepreneurs can choose from different company formations and register it with necessary legal requirements. The legal framework differs based on local and foreign investors. UAE supports different business activities and so, you need a unique business structure to proceed.

Different company formations in UAE

Sole proprietorship
While starting a sole proprietorship company, the individual has 100% ownership and authority to control its operations. The owner handles all the profit as well as bear the financial duties or debts.

Few requirements for sole proprietorship,

Civil company
Civil company is a good choice for professionals such as engineers, doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and more. Civil company is the best choice for professional services.
Few requirements of a civil company,
Limited liability company
LLC or Limited Liability Company is a legal company type in UAE. The company can have minimum 2 to maximum 50 shareholders. They can invest and get the profit shares as per the investment. In this case, profit or loss is divided equally between shareholders.
Few requirement of LLC,
Private share holding company
A private firm is formed with minimum partnership of AED 2,000,000 from at least three investors. The company is compatible with all sorts of business including commercial and industrial activities excluding professional businesses.
Branch office in Dubai
It’s a branch of popular company. The branch office is physically different but work as a single business entity. Such branch offices expand your business and flourish it over UAE. With the help of branch offices, it’s easy to establish your presence all over UAE.

How business consultants help you in choosing the company type?

Business consultant is a dedicated business setup firm in Dubai with a track record of establishing various companies in UAE. We provide complete assistance right from idea to final execution.
We help you choose the perfect company type based on your requirements. Choose the right company structure and establish your presence in UAE.