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Dubai emerges as the most-thriving business destination in the world. Anyone trying to start a business in the country needs a local sponsor in Dubai and it’s a crucial step in the company formation. If you’re new to the country, finding a reliable local UAE sponsor can be a tough task. If you end up with the wrong sponsor, it will end up creating difficulties in the company formation process. Our sponsorship services in Dubai provide complete assistance in obtaining a genuine and reliable UAE national as your local sponsor.

Who is a local sponsor in Dubai?

A local sponsor, also known as a local agent or local partner, is an individual or a company that is owned entirely by UAE nationals. The role of a local sponsor is to assist foreign companies in complying with legal and administrative requirements while operating in Dubai. They act as liaisons between the foreign company and the UAE authorities, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to local regulations.

Types of Sponsorship Services in Dubai

While selecting a local sponsor in Dubai, we have different options including an individual sponsor, a local service agent, or a corporate sponsor.

Individual Sponsors
Regardless of gender, sponsors must be UAE citizens above 21 years old. It is recommended that they possess a business, be employed by the government, or have a professional background, even though they are not required to be experts in your specific industry.
Corporate sponsors
As the name implies, corporate sponsors are local companies or government-registered companies doing business in the UAE. It is crucial to remember that not all corporate entities can serve as sponsors; To do so, they need a valid government license.
Local Service Agents
You can choose local service agents while establishing a professional service business in the UAE. Under such circumstances, foreign business owners may keep complete ownership; however, they will need to hire a service agent to help them communicate with government officials. You should pay an annual fee for the services provided by a local service agent.

What are the services offered by local sponsors in Dubai?

Local sponsors provide a range of services to foreign companies, simplifying the process of starting and running a business in Dubai. Being a prominent sponsorship service provider in Dubai, we offer the following services,
Business Setup

Local sponsors guide foreign companies through the legal procedures and requirements for setting up a business in Dubai. We help with company registrations, obtaining necessary licenses, and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

PRO Services

Public Relations Officer (PRO) services are an essential aspect of operating a business in Dubai. We assist with various administrative tasks, including visa processing, labor contracts, document clearing, and handling government-related paperwork.

Local Market Knowledge

Local sponsors have extensive knowledge of the local market, business practices, and cultural norms. Our team can provide valuable insights and guidance to foreign companies, helping them understand the local business landscape and make informed decisions.

Government Liaison

Navigating the governmental procedures and complying with local regulations can be complex for foreign companies. Our local sponsors act as a bridge between the foreign companies and the UAE authorities, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and facilitating efficient communication.

Networking Opportunities

Local sponsors often have a wide network of contacts within the business community in Dubai. We help foreign companies establish connections with potential partners, suppliers, and customers, facilitating business growth and expansion.

How to reach your local sponsor in Dubai?

It’s crucial to collaborate with a local sponsor in Dubai to accomplish your business setup activities. Follow these steps to find a perfect local sponsor,
Step 1
Make sure the sponsor is genuine, particularly if you are working with an individual local sponsor. Make a quick background check, and only sign a contract once you’re happy with the results.
The best individual sponsors in the UAE are corporate sponsors who are well-respected members of society and hail from respectable families. Additionally, you can contact our business advisors, and we will assist you with your company formation needs.
Step 2
Based on your operational needs, you should search for a local sponsor who is a UAE-national. If you wish to explore the government sector, an investor should appoint government employees as local sponsors. In addition, find out about their language proficiency to prevent any linguistic barriers that could cause unnecessary confusion.
Step 3
Inquire about the benefits of the local sponsorship services, compensation, and local sponsor fees in Dubai. Maintain thorough documentation of the progress. Make sure you’re not paying any more than the typical compensation fee on top.
You may come across several sponsorship services in Dubai. However, you have to verify their claims and make an informed decision. Our business advisors find an efficient local sponsor by the commercial laws and our clients avail exclusive benefits while setting up a company in Dubai.

Find expert sponsorship services in Dubai

Are you in search of a reliable local sponsor? Business consultant local sponsor services in Dubai will help you find a perfect local sponsor based on your industry requirements. We secure your sponsorship guaranteeing complete protection in the business setup. Our business advisors provide everything to launch, operate, and establish your business in the UAE.
We secure extensive expertise in providing sponsorship services for various clients in the UAE. We ensure tailored sponsorship services based on the client’s business requirements.