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Mainland company formation in Dubai

Business setup in Dubai Mainland

A Mainland Company in the UAE is an enterprise that is registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the emirate in which the investor desires to start the company in the UAE. A mainland company establishment in Dubai is licensed by the DED in the UAE to conduct business both locally as well as internationally. The government body is in charge of the setup, monitoring, support, and functioning of economic growth. Forming a mainland Dubai company in UAE is a terrific approach to broaden your horizons and expand your business opportunities.

Mainland Company Formation in UAE is an ideal choice for investors seeking to establish a strong presence in the UAE local market. Mainland Business Setup in Dubai gives investors greater options in terms of business development. It allows investors to simply hire more personnel, build an extra office or warehouse space, collaborate on government initiatives, and much more. It enables the investor to quickly increase the number of employees and develop additional branches in the UAE. For a firm looking to expand locally or internationally, registering as a Limited Liability Company on the UAE’s mainland is extremely helpful in terms of facilitating seamless commerce and customs clearance. Furthermore, your consumers will be able to stroll into your business representing office without having to go to the outskirts of town.

Mainland Company License in Dubai

Although issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), licenses for some categories of business require approval from government authorities and certain ministries. The DED has listed more than 3000 business activities. While setting up their company in the UAE, investors can choose from a wide range of business license categories. Based on the business endeavor the licenses are classified as:
Business setup consultant in Dubai

Business setup in Dubai Mainland

Documents required for Mainland business setup Dubai

  1. Completed business licensing and registration form
  2. The applicant’s passport photocopy (along with visa details/residence permit for non-GCC nationals)
  3. No Objection Certificate from the sponsor for non-GCC nationals to practice a business activity (Not applicable for partner or investor)
  4. The director’s passport photocopy and NOC letter from the current sponsor of the director.
  1. Initial Approval receipt
  2. A photocopy of the office lease including the plot number duly attested by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai
  3. Photocopy of the Memorandum of Association duly or a local service agent agreement (LSA) of the business authenticated by the Notary Public.
  4. Office and warehouse rental agreement registered with Ejari.
  5. Additional government approvals from the respective authorities

Where to start your mainland company formation in Dubai ?

According to the commercial companies laws, the companies are segregated for better growth. If you’re looking for company setup in mainland, there are different choices. Find out the different mainland zones and make the best choice for your business.
Mainland company formation in Dubai

Dubai Mainland

Dubai offers a range of facilities for entrepreneurs. Business setup in Dubai mainland allows you to trade in the local markets or even proceed internationally. We guide you throughout the process with comprehensive support.

Business setup in Dubai mainland

Abu Dhabi mainland

Abu Dhabi is a fast-growing economy with continuous advancement. Abu Dhabi mainland is an ideal location to start your company. You have to get approval from the Abu Dhabi department of economic development and proceed with the company setup.

Mainland company formation in Dubai

Sharjah mainland

Sharjah is yet another booming industrial destination in the UAE. It provides opportunities for service-oriented and industrial sectors. The Sharjah mainland zone remains cost-effective supporting shipping and marine sectors.

Business setup in Dubai mainland

Ajman mainland

Ajman is a good option for overseas and local entrepreneurs. The city provides some exciting opportunities for SMEs, start-ups, and large enterprises. We provide the necessary guidance to setup your business in Ajman mainland.

Steps for business setup in Dubai Mainland

Select your business

When you decide to start your company in the mainland, we have a team of company setup experts to help you in the selection of business activity and jurisdiction. Additionally, we guide you through some of the cost-effective alternatives.

choose your business structure
Choose your business

Depending on your company activity, you can choose between a sole proprietorship and an LLC. A sole proprietorship allows you to own 100 per cent of the company, but an LLC is 51 per cent held by a local sponsor.

Obtaining approval for
the trade name

Our team of professionals at Business Consultant can ensure the availability and registration of a company name. We will also suggest catchy alternatives if the company name you picked is not available.

Get your first

We allocate a personal business setup consultant to guide you in the Dubai company formation process. We guarantee that you finish the licensing process swiftly and easily.

Obtaining a license
Obtaining a

If you want to process visas for yourself or your staff, your relationship manager will process the same by preparing your Establishment Card and labour file.

Opening a bank account
for your company

We have a large network of banking specialists who can help you create a corporate bank account.

Obtaining a
business card

Once this is obtained, the owner will be able to apply for visas.

Obtaining your

Our visa specialists will assist you with any visa-related questions you may have.

If you wish to hire people,you should have a labour file.

Benefits of Dubaimainland business setup

One of the main prerequisites to start a business in the mainland is that the investor or the shareholder must be physically available in UAE for initial approval. Previously, only certain legal business forms permitted for majority foreign ownership, but a new Decree changed that. Foreigners can now hold a full ownership position beginning March 30, 2021, rather than the previous maximum ownership stake of 49 per cent. This implies that foreigners are no longer required to recruit a local Emirati sponsor with a membership share of at least 51 per cent.

If you engage in commercial or trade operations, you are required to maintain your company registration as an LLC. Thus Branch firms will also no longer require a local agent, as they did previously. Please keep in mind that some vital industries important to the Emirati national interest are still excluded from these modifications.
Mainland company formation in Dubai

Mainland Business Set Up Jurisdictions

A mainland company establishment in Dubai is licenced by the Department of Economic Development(DED) in the UAE to conduct business both locally and internationally. The government body is in charge of the setup, monitoring, support, and functioning of economic growth. The Commercial Companies Law (CCL) controls the mainland in the UAE. In the UAE mainland, the most popular business types are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a division of a foreign corporation. With Business Consultant at your side, you can breeze through the legal complexities required to start your own business in the mainland of Dubai.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Business setup in Dubai mainland
Mainland business setup has its own advantages. Some of the benefits include, trading access to other parts of UAE and GCC countries, easy to participate in government tenders, recruit employees without any restrictions and more.
The time required to start a business in the UAE mainland depends on your business activity. For few business activities, it takes longer time for approval. In an ideal situation, it takes around 3 to 4 days to register your company in the mainland.
LLC or Limited Liability Company is one of the common legal structures while setting up a company in the mainland. LLC provides flexibility for business expansion in the UAE.
Yes, you need a rented office space and tenancy contract while registering your company in the mainland. Before issuing the license, authorities review your tenancy contract.
Starting a business in Dubai is fairly easy if you have the right guidance to back you up at every stage of the process. From registering a trading name to obtaining the initial approval required to finding the perfect spot to set up your business, we at Business Consultant will assist you so that you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your business development.
Dubai is one of the finest cities in the world to start and flourish your business. The entrepreneur-friendly rules and regulations make it pretty easy and straightforward to establish your business. However, it could still be a challenge for a foreigner to grasp the depth of the legal formalities. Our experts at Business Consultant are extremely competent in making the whole endeavor a walk in the park.
There are 2000+ business activities to choose from to start a business in the UAE. Finding the right business suitable for your skill set will require a thorough understanding of the legal rights and wrongs being followed in the United Arab Emirates. At Business Consultant, we have a history of helping out clients from various business verticals. So speak to our experts today to understand the best opportunities available for you at the earliest.
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