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Offshore Company setup in UAE

UAE supports offshore companies on its territory. The offshore company setup process is governed by the JAFZA offshore companies regulations 2003. These enterprises differ from the companies registered in the UAE free zones. Offshore company conducts its operation outside the location of origin or registration. Business consultant is a leading offshore company setup provider in Dubai and UAE. We’re licensed and regulated by the governing authorities. With decades of expertise in setting up offshore companies, we understand your requirement and provide the best solutions for  your business setup in Dubai .

Offshore company setup in UAE

Offshore business setup
process in Dubai

Offshore company setup requires minimum documentation but you have to submit all the papers as per the regulations of issuing authority. We can be a strong support in completing the documentation process without any obstacles.
To operate an offshore company in UAE, you need a certificate of incorporation from the UAE companies’ registry. We help you achieve the same effortlessly within the required time.
RAKICC offshore, JAFZA offshore, and Ajman offshore are the major jurisdictions that allows offshore business setup in UAE. Being an approved agent, we simplify the offshore business setup documentation and registration.
Bank account is necessary to start with your business transactions like money transfer manage financial activities, make payments, and more. If you have a strong company or investor profile, it’s easy to open a bank account in the UAE.

Documents Required for offshore company setup in Dubai

While comparing free zone and mainland company setup, offshore business setup requires very less paperwork in the UAE. However, if you submit any fraud or incorrect documents, you get banned from the company setup process. With expert business setup consultants, we validate the documents with great attention to detail.

Documents required to setup offshore company in Dubai,

Offshore company formation in Dubai
Offshore company setup in UAE

Steps to setup anoffshore company in Dubai

UAE provides two main offshore jurisdictions including RAK or Ras Al Khaimah and JAFZA or Jebel Ali free zone. Both the jurisdictions are free from paying various taxes. Here, you don’t have to pay corporate or income tax. Additionally, you get 100% ownership of the company. Almost 114 countries have accepted the Double tax treaty with UAE. The offshore businesses are allowed to create multi-currency accounts and operate worldwide commerce. However, they should do business with a resident of UAE or have their physical presence in the country.
Both RAK and JAFZA have their own advantages. RAK is a less expensive option to start your business but JAFZA allows you to legally acquire a property in Dubai.

Steps to start your offshore business,

Offshore business setup locations in Dubai

Why should you setup anoffshore business in Dubai, UAE?

When you have several business setup options like free zone and mainland, why should you choose offshore business?
Setting up your offshore business in the UAE has a lot of benefits. Initially, you enter a huge business hub with millions of customers worldwide. Moreover, it’s quite simple without even setting your foot in the country. Furthermore, business owners get the complete ownership of their business without any local service agents or UAE based sponsors.
At business consultant, we ensure that you take advantage of all the benefits in setting up a offshore company.

Some of the benefits include,

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Offshore company formation in Dubai
  • Simple registration process with low start-up expense
  • Complete ownership with operational flexibility
  • Double taxation avoidance agreement benefits
  • No minimum share capital required
  • Entry to worldwide market
  • Business-friendly and reliable judicial system
  • Enhanced access to worldwide financial system
  • Extreme privacy and confidentiality for investors
Offshore companies are not allowed to have an authorized physical office. However, to receive mail and secretarial services, you need a registered address and we can help you with it.
If you follow proper registration formalities, the process can be finished within 5 working days in RAK offshore. On the other hand, it approximately takes around 4 weeks to register your offshore business in JAFZA.
Yes, we need a bank account to start any transactions in your offshore company. We help you open a bank account within a very short time.
Unlike business establishments in free zone and mainland, Offshore company owners cannot own a resident visa permit in the UAE.
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